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At least he can afford a lawyer who's guaranteed to make her go fuck herself.

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If they have kids under 18 she can get more from him due to this. That is the shitty part of it all.

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He can give me 1 million and I'll take care of that.

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What do you mean "more?" The article said he was a stay at home husband who has been unemployeed since the divorce. She probably got nothing in the divorce to begin with.

She may be paying alimony since it appears that she was the breadwinner. If she is paying alimony, she's probably headed to court to contest those payments, in light of his recent windfall.

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He’s going to need a team of lawyers to defend himself. Even then it’s a coin flip if the judge cares.

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this is one of the reasons why the first thing you do is hide, hire an estate lawyer and a financial planner. Stay anonymous.

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Someone tell this man to start a non-profit and put all the money in that organization. He will save that money from the ravages of this horrible bitch.

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Is annonymous jackpot claiming not a thing?

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Some states allow it and some don't.

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His state requires winner disclosure

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IIRC you can use lawyers to claim it on your behalf. But this guy sounds a bit too nice/honest for his own good. Probably how he ended up with a blood-sucking succubus in the first place.

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That's right, pleb. You go on and continue to believe that you just RANDOMLY win the lottery. You too can be an unemployed-divorced fat globulous looser of a man who plays the lottery for years, then wins on a ticket that was returned to him by means of a mysterious good Samaritan who didn't cash it in for themselves. Then ex-wife calls him up to tell him she's taking him to court and none of you ask, "What man in his right mind stays in touch with their ex-wife?" The kind of man who's ex-wife is owed money for her services to the deep state and this is how she's getting paid without drawing the curious prying eyes from the good guys in government.

There's a reason that article is listed right above one regarding NXIVM, plebs. The wife is a deep state asset. The lottery is how they get paid.

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Sounds like s nice guy, but he's said multiple times he's giving some of his money to people who have been nice to him...

Other than returning the favor to the people who returned the tickets, he needs to get a financial advisor to help him lock that money up or he'll be broke in a few months from handing out money to losers sadly.

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A fraction of that could buy a favor from a junkie gangbanger who's already headed to jail for life.

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If she's already the ex then fuck the bitch.

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That's not how "til death do us part" works.

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