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I'm aware of a female officer who wasn't strong enough to deholster a Glock 17 during qualification

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When I was in the military I was forced to work with a cunt that couldn't lift a ladder or toolbox. The job requirements required the ability to lift 50lbs overhead. I was certainly tested for that. No way she passed that test so how did she get to that job?

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  • Ability to lift 50 (fifty) pounds, or
  • Possession of a vagina

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Put yourself in her shoes. How would you react? You've been working an exhausting 5-hour day, taking naps while your male colleagues do all your work, only to finally head home and discover some black dude has not only moved into, but completely redecorated your apartment (which is now strangely a floor below where it used to be). What would you do?

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She had to be so high, or a complete idiot.

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Sounds like pretty straight forward premedicate murder

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Someone needs to post the "Dirty Harry" scene :)

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Since no name is being provided by any source, at this time, it might be a black woman who Dallas was doubly proud to affirmative action hire.

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The chief declined to speculate as to whether fatigue or other factors, including race, may have contributed to the shooting. The officer is white and Jean was black.