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I've had some bad nights but seriously, if I had ever fucked an ugly skank like that I would have just paid to make sure she kept her mouth shut about it.

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Holy shit... just woke up. Dont need that in my life!

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In a situation like this, I would sell everything and emigrate to another country.

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That's what one guy on canada did. The ex wife was not happy about 'her' money being 'stolen'.

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Have zero clue about that sheep infested country's laws.

In USA, one has only a short period of time to "disown" a kid .. like 90 days in some states.

After that, the kid has "bonded" with you and you got to pay child support.

And finding out it ain't your kid? Tough cookies.

Moral of story: DNA test your kid to insure you are daddy well before 90 days has elapsed since the kid's birth.

Everyone is assumed to know the law. Crying about it will not change the law.

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Had a one-night stand with that ugly ho that he already knew was sleeping around with other guys?

A fool and his money are easily parted, I guess.

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He should have her as a slave for 18 years where she has to do what ever he says to pay her back. Even though she's ugly you can still make her do Manual labor and then chain her up and gag her in the basement when he isn't using that useless whore.

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The picture is of two blurs and someone they knew going through cancer treatment. The dumb is all through this article

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The real dad is actually me. I fucked her Jack hammer and ate her pussy with my fingers in her ass after I blew my load in her.