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In other words, the girls want it and the boys can dish it out, which is a pretty depressing prospect. Anyway, labeling slapping "violence" is so perfectly in tune with contemporary political agendas, which swamps out any other purpose the authors might have.

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So you are saying that before they reach adulthood they still remain normal, but its only once they reach adulthood they get worse when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Our culture is pretty bad when the young of mind and heart gets it, but the adults are acting like a bunch of perverts. Its only when you reach that age of awareness that you start becoming corrupted due to how the structures and concepts being thrown throughout society effect oneself.

Yeah, our culture is pretty messed up and this sort of gives me hope that the millennials will wake up. On the other hand less violence could mean the men are cucked, because in the past domestic abuse amongst spouses happened some of the times, probably less than now, but it was not infrequent.