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Boys need masculinity and so do girls.

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the boys learn how to be men

the girls learn how to FIND good men

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They both learn that self esteem is a product of picking yourself up, not a bunch of positive thinking encouragement words.

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Everytime I see someone walking around with an ugly looking beard. I think, "Do they really think that not shaving makes them a man?" Some guys are just really so lost they'll claw at anything to feel like a man. They just don't get that our previous and current generation value their self image, self esteem and "confidence" more than virtue, merit, humility, integrity and hardwork. You find your maculine soul in your heart and in the eyes of the people you love not in your own selfish wants you bunch of idiots.

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I wear an ugly beard and I totally understand

self image, self esteem and "confidence" more than virtue, merit, humility, integrity and hardwork

The problem is if people think you have your shit together the whole world starts expecting you to fix them. That begins to become too much if you're just an average joe.

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Learning to say "No" was a little difficult for me. Once I did my quality of life went up. Help people when you can but if it is a detriment to you just say no.

Also learn how to say "pay me".

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Did boys used to get beaten by the fathers, I was always threatened to get my father's belt, but my mother hit me more than once and it wasn't a big deal, even with her rings turned inside out, I remember everything :) My other siblings all 4 never got a beating, I asked why. "well it didn't work with you" kek okay I was never bruised or battered, but it hurt and I was a naughty child, father worked away. I suppose now I would be drugged up for ADHD. t; 31yo Irish mother

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To relate this to the Article, I just wonder are we living with two generations of kids who never got beaten. I know we are living with 2 generations with kids raised by single mothers. I am not saying hitting kids makes them good people, just curious if older posters can confirm getting a beating for being naughty.

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Oh yeah. Mom used to break wooden spoons on my hand, and dad had a 2" wide leather belt.

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Confirmed I got beaten for naughtiness a lot

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Pretty rarely. I deserved it I guess. Never got the belt. Got threatened with it though and shaped up real quick. Generally good kid from what I can remember.

LOL just remembered the time I "ran away". Basically hungout in the fields around the house for a few hours. Then it got cold and I came back inside with my tail between my legs. Parents: "Oh? You were gone?" More or less.

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no shit

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It ain't toxic masculinity, it's a complete and total LACK of masculinity.

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I feel sad for any man that does not get to create and raise his own children, but I feel extremely happy that there are men out there that are willing to be the father figures needed by fatherless boys.

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Its because your structural environment revolves around the feminine sensibility and structuralism and that can warp a young boy's mind and make him perceive the world in a warped manner.

America has been a great place for children to learn the kind and caring guardianship of the father who works for his children and loves his wife. No society has unified the ethical order with a kind of deep inter-personalism with the other. No wonder small town America has such great connections with others in their community.

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We currently live in a matriarchy. Look around and tell me we don't.

Did you know that government is ~70-80% female?

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That is not because of America's past, and in fact ironically it might have to do with the tender and guiding love of the American patriarch given to his wife. American men were loyal and honest to their wives and all those cases of domestic abuse were women trying to revolt against the order(I don't like domestic abuse at all, unless the wife is sneaking behind your back and having an affair, and even then a healthy talk and maybe some counseling sessions will work things out).

Our government is a matriarchy today firstly because the American father figure was so nice he was almost permissive and this combined with the radical feminism and Civil Rights era(blacks are very matriarchal) and ended up turning the favor in women. It makes sense because with feminism the belief to make society more decent and to reform it is to have women ruling over the structures, but feminism will never work in a system in the end game when men run the structures of politics.

They believe their own subjectivity and cultural bias will inject "diversity" into the program. Its a perfect instance of where biology and perceptual understanding of reality point out to why a system should not turn down the road it did. In masculine cultures women were still allowed to rise to positions of power, but could not participate in the political system. Then men realized that if we want to have a future generation we will need to have a domesticated wife. It was necessary to ensure that the logical forms of society proceeded as needed(the reproduction and rearing of children).

It was a simple thinking where Occam's razor applied in most contexts. Once you get rid of the domesticated wife you don't necessary unleash a can of worms is the trick, but it can quickly serve as the front for worse stuff. Its why American men did not allow women to wield much power behind general philanthropy and social organization(like social workers of sorts). Alas, we have succumbed to an unhealthy rationalism.

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