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Twenty-five years ago I fought for and won my kids from my first wife. Ten years ago I fought for and won my kids from my second wife. (The second time I couldn't afford an atty so I acted as my own. For a period of time I doggedly sat through other miserable divorce/custody cases and took a lot of notes on procedure and strategy, and went up against her gray-haired divorce atty with years of experience.)

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Really fucking impressive.

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Thanks. I learned early on to not trust the atty cuz he didn't have a dog in the fight. I typed up and submitted all my own paperwork with the court, then delivered copies to the atty. He just had to show up in court and say things in the proper order. In the 2nd divorce, I got to call people to the stand for questions. It was an awesome feeling to watch that lying rat squirm when I questioned her. Ugly business though. High stress, sleepless nights, lots of weight loss.

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Please don't get married again. Please don't have any further children.

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It seems like he's doing pretty good aside from wife selection.

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If this dude can win his kids TWICE in a country where the Tender Years Doctrine is still active, he’s either the best father in the country, or both of his wives were crack whores.

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I don't think I'll remarry. But I have squirted out some awesome kids.

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Please stay cucked and let us know when you're ready to repeal the 19th.

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Good evening goats.

I had to find the sauce on this because I honestly didn't believe she would have said this.

She did

Update, apparently its not a one time thing

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I remember her saying around the election time that she never felt that she was at a disadvantage because she is a woman on some talk show. She seems alright.

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I recall this as well. Here is the interview you may be referencing. Couric is shitting her panties.

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Thanks. This is one of a thousand examples where gifs sucks. Just post the god damn video you fucking gif addicts.

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Which you would not have had to research if OP hadn't been a reddit shit-swilling karma/scp whore and posted the fucking video in the first place. I really don't understand why people think it's "cool" or what-the-fuck-ever to take a video clip, turn it into a gif, waste their non-refundable time captioning it, posting it when all they had to do was link to it like 5 seconds. Goes to show the amount of sheer stupidity and lack of intelligence in today's youth.

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She has that classic super bitch look. She doesn't know how to compose her face in a confrontational situation, now that she's on TV in front of a judge.

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Judy always looks like that. Just mean and bitchy.

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Judy doesn't take women's excuses or crocodile tears lightly. She hates liars and most of the time it's women on her show and they are bad at it. There's a whole women's tear Judy complilation where she calls them all out or they out right lose.

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Damn straight. That is a statement I can respect from Judge Judy.

What she describes is such an issue in society which leads to the suicide and depression of many upstanding men who have their lives ruined financially and reputationally in family court with children going to abusive mothers due to a concept called the "tender years doctrine" which was actually started by a feminist and was supported under the unsubstantiated claim that females are superior when it comes to childcare, rather than one half of the equation. This idea is now pervasive in western society despite many excellent fathers.

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Judge (((Judith Susan Sheindlin))) BTW.

In fact a majority of American Jews outside of politics are conservative.

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Because being conservative means the greedy kikes get to keep more of their money that they gained through corruption and usury.

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I thought she seemed pretty jewy.

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Amazed she hasn't been deplatformed. Was that her final episode or something?

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wtf i love judge judy now

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Its all fucking bull shit to appease the growing disdain for the status quo 'rape the hard-working man to pay for the bitch and her insanity'

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