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where can I find the URL to that youtube video of women talking about colored people?

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It's a scene in here https://youtu.be/OClYPCYAf7s

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https://archive.fo/yEeEq :

The Ugly Hockey Sweater: Andy Dick Has Sex With ISIS

"This is a prime example of homophobia...In this age of everyone and your grandmother believing in gay marriage, how could this gif make the rounds on the internet for people to find funny?It's hypocritical and disheartening.", "And sad.It's homophobic because these two guys are making fun of the way fags like Rick Mercer and Anderson Cooper can't go 30 seconds in an elevator without humping each other.Boys get off on fitting in....When you do homophobia you're just reassuring yourself that you're normal.In grade 3 boys who don't fit in are toxic to be around...Girls are disgusted with boys."

'They have to get over how ugly they are before they grow up to begin dating. ', "If you're a guy at many points or another a girl is going to see you as perverted.In grades 1 to 3 girls influence what boy is friends with what boy.would be all gay for each other in grade 3 because the girls would be disgusted with all of them.In this age of mass immigration from racist, homophobic 3rd World shitholes there's a blond nerd and an Arab guy humping each other in college.", " Is it gay sex or are they just reverting back to childhood when everybody in the class loathed them?Where would homophobia and bullying be if girls didn't hate boys in the first place?Women: They're far too bitchy for a #MeToo movement..."

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