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The look on her face. "yep. I did it. Probably do it again if I had a few glasses of wine in me. '

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The mug shot is icing on the cake on this one! ROFL!!

She actually goes on to claim that her boyfriend kidnapped her, and gave her the machete to defend herself with... uh... me thinks a few screws are loose in this one.

What’s the saying about sticking body parts in Crazy again?...

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I'm betting she's from Black Eagle and not Great Falls.

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I know crazy seems fun and all, but at the end of the night you're just stuck with a crazy bitch! Not worth it!

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if she aint ready to have 3 kids for the great white ethonostate there's a chance higher then 50% she's crazy

wow i hate the state of the dating game right now.