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Article is from 2008.

Latest source data I found is from 2016.

Exhibit 4-C (p. 55): 58.6% of child fatalities are boys, 41.3% girls.

Table 4-5 (p. 62): 78% fatalaties involve at least one parent. 18.7% involve father or father and other/s, 37.7% involve mother or mother and other/s. 21.7% involve mother and father (incl mother, father and other/s).

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70% of divorces are initiated by the women

89% chance that she will get primary custody

The system is stacked against well off white men. Niggers don't even give a fuck about child support, they ain't paying shit, and their women don't care because they just got a bonus on their welfare check.

These laws and this system of "no fault" divorce literally rewards white women for abandoning their husbands and taking half their shit.

Marriage used to be a contract. You breach your end of the deal, you leave with nothing. "no fault" means that the wife can have Tyrone and his buddies come run trains on her while Thomas is at work, and she still gets half of his shit and primary custody of the kids. Thomas will be sleeping in his studio apartment with his chin on the shotgun he just bought, while his kids are failing school, and mommy is at the club spending all that "child" support.

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70% of divorces are initiated by the women

89% chance that she will get primary custody

Actually the two numbers are equal. It's true that 70% of women file for divorce, but about 90% initiate it. They get their cuck husband to file it.

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add in abortion and this stat changes drastically

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Time for common sense woman control, fellas.

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I seen a different post earlier with many people saying, "Duh, single mothers are a high proportion of the women". Well, that's shattered.

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I'd like to see it normalized by the amount of time each parent spends with their kids.

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Are you also wanting it normalised for all the men who completely lose their shit and kill the kids exactly because they are prevented from seeing them often enough?

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Article written by Tips Fedora.