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This is something that is becoming more and more obvious and we can't wait to let all these terribly raised boys become terrible men. I am just about to start a jiujitsu/grappling club in my small town with the emphasis on instilling values of accountability in and providing mentorship to young men.

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Do it, we need more men of action, not of words.

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I am driving a couple of hours each way every couple of weeks to get some more training in so I have more to teach but when I moved to this small town I decided this was how I was going to make my mark here.

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Fascinating. Reviewing the comments section I'm actually rather surprised at how many people miss the point.

Its not just feminism, it's the lack of a permanent male role model in the household. The "ah donts needs no man" to raise boys just doesn't seem to produce real men.

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Men need to be relied on. It's biology and the fucktard left really believe they're gods that can control that.

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Actually..... fucktard left really believe that the government should raise the children. Single mothers tend to rely on the government and that's just the way they like it.

Of course what they don't see is the paedophile networks that worked out of places like the Catholic church and other organizations that promise to turn "boys into men". And its all fags. Who could have foreseen that????

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The funny thing is that the men unwilling to make prosocial sacrifice of themselves are outperforming when it comes to reproduction.

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well, they've been incentivized to do so by the banking / money system

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and the (((jews)))!!!

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The government replaced good men with tax slaves and Bureaus.

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The family is the bedrock unit of civilization. Break it up and everything falls apart. Wow... who knew? And why didn't anybody say anything to warn us? Or did we just not listen?

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Hedonism seemed fun to a lot of people. We generally failed to heed the warnings of our ancestors.

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Hedonism is nothing new and even sitcoms play the trope of the tired out womanizer. There is an all out attack on the nuclear family and I don't understand what the goal is. It is one of the less stark similarities with where we are headed and the fiction of 1984; children turned against parents for the benefit of the state and the degradation of humanity. I wonder if the prerequisite for children turning on parents is parents failing their children.

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https://archive.fo/MsxIW :

Barbara Kay: The male crisis that’s ruining our boys and no one cares about | National Post

'If the boy crisis were a girl crisis of these proportions, a national emergency would be declared. '

'Boys are 50 per cent less likely than girls to meet basic proficiency standards in reading, math and science. '

'Boys are in crisis everywhere. '

'But in this gynocentric era, what is good or bad for boys does not seem to attract the interest of our cultural elites. '

'And his mission created his character.” This explains why boys tell each other to “man up” when they are in pain. '

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50% of kids in the US don't have a father at home, what a travesty.

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The Jews have allied themselves with niggers in order to take down white males. We are at war.

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Can't even read the article on this shit site because it tells me I need to enable adds I haven't even disabled.

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