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I think women, for the most part, have a touch of crazy. Something is bringing out the crazy in these women


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https://archive.fo/m2IkG :

The Ugly Hockey Sweater: Women: The Cause Of All Homophobia And Racism

'And he wants to become a bisexual poet.He can move to Toronto and become a bisexual poet, after making new friends. ', "But he can't become a bisexual poet in Kitchener, Ontario.What's preventing him?"

'A black teen said to his white girlfriend: "Look at the fag walking down the street," and the girl laughed.Do white girls like black guys because they strike them as heterosexual?'

'All of the girlsin his grade 3 class would have hated him at onetime or another. '

'Girls have to get over how ugly boys are. '

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