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The fact that women cry easily when upset is racist now, I guess.

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Stop appropriating my culture. White men have been dealing with this bullshit for milennia

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  • After all, we were born women. Useless for honest purposes; but in all evils, skilled practitioners.


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This is a terrific example of writing like a weasel:

One of the panellists, Winnie Dunn, in answering a question about the harm caused by good intentions, had used the words “white people” and “shit” in the same sentence.

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white people centred themselves, and a POC panel was told to police it’s [sic] tone to make their message palatable to a white audience.

I don't understand how people have lives that are so easy that they really concern themselves with shit like this. THAT'S the real problem- too many white people have lives that are too easy that they allow this bullshit to continue.

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Yeah, that's not limited to white women.

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Notice: not a single specific example. If they gave one, it could be quantified and compared and a solution could be proposed. Same with Mudshark Theron; terrified to take her spawn places, but can't name a single one of these 'places'.

Further proof they are simply repeating things to make themselves look smart/muh feels. In the odd chance one can find a specific, I garauntee it is the same specific named by Maddow or Current Year Man.