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No mention about the father. Maybe he died in the Army. But VASTLY more likely she stole the kids in court and ran away to North Dakota out of spite.

First hint all is not right was when the kids didn't show up for school they immediately called the cops. Yeah. Cause that's the first thing you do when a kid is out.

Another story you'll never hear the truth of. But 3 kids are dead because our society let this psychopath escape with them.


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Seeing how only a few thousand veterans died in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'll have to go with the stolen kids.


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When will we get common sense single mother control? Think of the children!


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There's a judge, somewhere in the world that gave her custody. We need to ram pics of the murder scene down their throat.


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Anyone with that level of mental disability should NEVER be taking care of children UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

This woman was a ticking time bomb the courts found fit to take care of three children.

Look how it turned out.