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if an all-female workplace looks like these diversity money pits and failures, i am LITERALLY not likely to ever hire a women because clearly they cannot be reliable employees.

disgraceful and pitiful on multiple levels. either the person gets the foot in the door with their merit or they GTFO

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If you care about hiring employees whose resumes reflects their actual abilities, you're already only hiring white men. When it comes to blacks or women, it's impossible to tell how much of their education and employment history is just a result of affirmative action-style programs, but it's safe to say it's non-zero.

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Or Asians.

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Progressives like Sanders consider Norway a progressive paradise

I don't put a lot of stock in shit bird sanders opinions since he played up venezuela was a paradise,

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It doesnt matter. If anything it is going to be harder for a qualified white male to compete on a level playing field in the future. You are going to have to take what you want.

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The level playing field doesn’t exist anymore. Fortunately, if several white males get together and build something, it succeeds until the playing field is leveled upon them. Diversity happens. When it does, failure is not far behind. Look at the success of all those female only companies. Oh? There aren’t any?

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I think any hiring quotas, as in "we need X amount GROUP", will hurt the workplace as a whole as well as said group, generally speaking.

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No shit.

As much as I would've loved to land some of the entry level jobs I missed, I would have failed there. A hiring manager made the wise choice not to hire me and I found a job where I could succeed.

Had those managers hired me because they needed to hit a quota real quick I would've never been able to climb any sort of ladder.

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In a womans householder alpha state she discerns supporting a male's success while rearing kids and curating a home is better than forgoing such for really anything