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Imagine the outcry if the genders were reversed.


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A Bad Girls Advice group administrator, who asked to remain anonymous, told Daily Mail Australia the group was misrepresented.

'BGA is about so many things that are amazing, and this thread, which a fraction of women wrote on, does not define who we are,' she said on Friday.

So...she's saying 'not all women' are like that? Maybe only women can stop domestic violence.


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....they were asking for it?


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https://archive.is/MOOou | None :

Secret Facebook Bad Girls Advice brags domestic violence | Daily Mail Online

'Graphic screenshots from the Bad Girls Advice Facebook page emerged on Thursday when a domestic violence support group publicly shared them. '

'This is the secret Facebook group where women brag about the various ways they have physically abused their partners. ', "The posts show women discussing domestic violence situations in detail after one member asked the other women what the most violent act committed against their partner was. 'In a mad ass rage at my partner.", "The post garnered hundreds of likes and prompted a colourful discussion about domestic violence. 'Threw a chair at him through a glass door.", "Bad b****es, I want to know what is the craziest thing you've done in a fit of rage?' one woman posted on Friday."

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