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A victim impact report noted the damage to the boy including important relationships which had left him with a "deep fear of new people".

While the boy might have been physically bigger than the woman, despite his young age at the time, that was irrelevant, the judge said.

"I have no doubt from seeing him give evidence that he was physically mature, notwithstanding his young age."

The victim was "an emotionally immature and insecure boy". "It is clear your relationship with him has had a significant detrimental effect on him. You have continued to deny the offending," the judge told the woman.

Seems like she wasn't a ham planet, but probably looked like a troll and was abusive, hence no picture of her in the article and the alleged emotional damages to the kid.

However, some of these women getting locked up were fantasy type material to me at that age, and it would have devastated me if they had to go to jail for showing me a good time.