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If they're genuinely taking advantage. I don't think someone should be jailed for sex with a male or female teenager assuming they wanted it - so dayofthehope is retarded as well for assuming boys are automatically damaged less. But I feel like unless they were genuinely raped, then the age doesn't matter so much as whether or not they're old enough to want sex and did indeed want it.

The lady is still fucked up because it seems like she used his fucked up state of mind at the time to get sex, and she was in a direct position of power of him. So yea, she deserves the sentence, but not because at 14 he's still so young that sex = rape.


[–] dayofthehope 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago 

so dayofthehope is retarded as well for assuming boys are automatically damaged less

I'm just imagining that I if I had had sex with a hot chick when I was 14, it would have been beneficial, not harmful. I imagine all guys are like me, but maybe you are all bunch of pussies who can be 'sexually abused' for sex with hot chicks.

I'm unable to say if it would be different for girls, because I'm not a girl. It's not easy for myself to put myself in their shoes. Things may or may not be different for them.


[–] CivetGenet 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Your original comment did state, "But if she was hot, then I wouldn't think it right, because there is no way that would damage a boy."

So, hot women cannot rape? Perhaps a hot woman starts touching a boy of that age, he freaks out and is nervous (because not everyone is going to automatically go "aw yeah" and go for it), she tells him that if he doesn't let her do this she'll tell everyone he raped her or some other bullshit, so he lets her go on ahead. Biology dictates his dick is hard, even if he's highly unhappy and uncomfortable with the situation.

I don't think sex is damaging unless it's because of your own fucked up personal reasons, even at that age, but obviously rape is damaging and it's fucked up to imply males can't be raped by hot woman because obviously they must enjoy it or want it anyway. Just not true.


[–] barraccuda 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Easy there champ, I had alot of sex with alot of different women while I was between 8 and 14 and I can tell you that your confidence if not connected to your sexuality in any way, the only thing sexual abuse at these ages does is desensitize you to sex, sex becomes just another thing no more interesting than chess or reading. Your confidence is directly effected by violence however.