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If the woman was a fatty, I think it is the right thing to do to punish her because she could have emotionally traumatized the boy. But if she was hot, then I wouldn't think it right, because there is no way that would damage a boy. He probably got a lot of increased self-confidence from it. If he is shy and insecure in spite of this, imagine how much more if he hadn't sex with her.

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While I'm all in favour of gender equality when it comes to sentencing, you'd have to work very hard to convince me that 14 year old teenagers are damaged by having sex. Especially given that until very recently in our evolutionary history, 20 was middle aged.


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If they're genuinely taking advantage. I don't think someone should be jailed for sex with a male or female teenager assuming they wanted it - so dayofthehope is retarded as well for assuming boys are automatically damaged less. But I feel like unless they were genuinely raped, then the age doesn't matter so much as whether or not they're old enough to want sex and did indeed want it.

The lady is still fucked up because it seems like she used his fucked up state of mind at the time to get sex, and she was in a direct position of power of him. So yea, she deserves the sentence, but not because at 14 he's still so young that sex = rape.


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A victim impact report noted the damage to the boy including important relationships which had left him with a "deep fear of new people".

While the boy might have been physically bigger than the woman, despite his young age at the time, that was irrelevant, the judge said.

"I have no doubt from seeing him give evidence that he was physically mature, notwithstanding his young age."

The victim was "an emotionally immature and insecure boy". "It is clear your relationship with him has had a significant detrimental effect on him. You have continued to deny the offending," the judge told the woman.

Seems like she wasn't a ham planet, but probably looked like a troll and was abusive, hence no picture of her in the article and the alleged emotional damages to the kid.

However, some of these women getting locked up were fantasy type material to me at that age, and it would have devastated me if they had to go to jail for showing me a good time.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which eye is right and which wrong? If I had to bet, I would say you are a troll.


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you're kidding right