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I can't tell if the mistake improves the meme or not

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your best at thinking!

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Someone fix this meme please. Any meme construction workers or foremen here?

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fixing wounded memes ever since niggers and faggots started making them.

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Gramar Nazi! Oh wait...

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Everyone is a Nazi on Independence day!!!

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Or they just left out a couple of words:

Your celebrating a day because citizens were armed is ironic. (for the left, at least)

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Don't forget to tell them that fireworks symbolize gunfire and cannonfire.

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The 1776 rebellion against the british was victorious because the American people were armed, the 1798 rebellion against the british failed because the Irish people were not allowed to own arms.

God bless America!

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Hey, I'm as much of a patriot and pro-2nd amendment as the next goat. But, let's not act like putting down a rebellion in their backyard is the same as trying to put down a rebellion several thousand miles away across an entire ocean before the advent of steam powered ships. There are a lot of reasons why our Revolution was able to succeed.

The guns were pretty fucking important though.

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Well im irish so thats the angle im coming at it, i agree with everything you said, the two situations were quite different but taking on an army with pointy sticks and farm tools only ends one way, which was what british laws intended in ireland.

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Like I suspect British infantry men found it harder to rape and kill american farmers. Where as who hasn't wanted to kill a potato nigger st least twice today?

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Different times, since modern warefare has made such technlological advances that's not at all how shit would work now; but happy 4th nonetheless it's a fun holiday

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and refused to surrender their arms

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Happy 4th faggots!

@PuttItOut gets mad respect for stickying this!!!!

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With this sticky, @puttitout confirmed for gun lover who wants to become a domestic terrorist (hero) who kills communists (cucks), government officials (jews), and put plebs into camps (political fence sitters).

Hail putko.

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As cool as this meme is, and as much as I agree with it, it is clearly pushing a one sided political interpretation of historical events.

I don’t like it when sites like Voat force an opinion on the userbase this way in a global manner. (The sticky)

I know it’s well intentioned, but moves like this can only serve to further reinforce voat’s existing circlejerk.

This is the equivalent of Reddit flying the pride flag in their logo and I think we should generally try to avoid the idea that there is only one correct opinion on anything here.

That said, happy Independence Day Voat.

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Well the war did start because the Redcoats opened fired on a group of unarmed colonists. That's what gun control got them.

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Yeah I think the best defense you can make on these grounds is that it does hew pretty close to the facts; but it's still a very political and one sided delivery of a factual statement.

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Wow I just said the same thing! I expect nothing less from the author of Ceddit though :)

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Honestly I slightly violate this myself with ceddit by putting r/decred in the top bar; but it's really just a frontend and the decred project funded the initial development of snew-classic-ui which is used by snew/ceddit and notabug now.

Soon it will be used for decred's proposal system as well which is what it was originally built for:


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Apples and oranges. Reddit will immediately ban you for question any faggotry dogma. Your free to reply 100 times here qhy revolutionary war was stupid or we would have won it without guns and none will delete or disappear your comments.

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It's a good point. I think the sticky is just Putt's way of pretending he doesn't fundamentally hate rightwing ideas.

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you too.faggot

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Which program opens a .faggot extension?

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