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The advent and subsequent regulation of catalytic converters largely removed the threat. The gigantic cloud of smog that existed over large cities back in the 80s and 90s have largely disappeared due to regulation of the catalytic converter which converts nitrogen oxide, into nitrogen and oxygen, as well as carbon monoxide, into carbon dioxide. The acidity of the precipitate that formed over large cities has largely gone away due to this addition to cars.

If left as nitrogen oxide, as precipitate forms, lots of it is converted into what is essentially nitric acid...floating in the clouds above you.


[–] Salicaz [S] 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

TIL! Thanks.


[–] stric9 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Yeah? Then why couldn't they come out on the news and say, crisis averted, and heres how? Seriously, it would have a positive impact on the folks who rebuild cars, the trucking industry, and pretty much everything the common man can influence. Oh i forgot, (((they))) only get paid when they get views and frightened subjects.


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Yes, that would help. Unfortunately TV is not very good at spreading science news... they do it only when it is useful to get more views which usually means when there are nudes or when there are bad/scary news.

Also, unfortunately most people doesn't give a shit about science unless their life depends on it.


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LifeProTip: Cut open your exhaust pipe after a good number of miles (like 40k-whatever) then take a metal rod (I like to use an old torsion rod) and break apart the inside of your catalytic converter by shoving it down the pipe a few times. The metal inside has become fragile by that point from repeated heat exposure. Start the car and blow the chunks out the back. Weld it back together. In states that don't require an emission test it's good for about 8-10hp and looks (perhaps is?) street legal. It's essentially like removing the baffles on a suppressor in some ways. It's going to be a bit louder (not that much in the case of a car though).

edit: kek, downvoated for giving car advice that isn't environmentally friendly.


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There are better ways of improving the converter. I recomend complete disassembly and rearrangement of internals in a thoughtful way. You will find the application of thermal shielding/insulation can counter the loss of catalytic material by retaining heat. That said, each to their own budget


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What about China, or does no useful info escape their smogbanks?