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Ultrasound appears to have set the human specie on a tragic path due to the subtle and not so subtle effects of ultrasound exposure, critics argue the exponential rise in autism incidence is a product of fetal exposure to ultrasound.

Ultrasound is known to have the potential to produce harmful biological effects in the fetus .. Ultrasound for the identification of fetal sex and fetal entertainment imaging should be strictly eliminated, for the best early pregnancy avoid ultrasound.”

Chinese scientists measured damage to the brain, kidney, cornea, chorionic villi, and the immune system. They determined the amount of ultrasound exposure required to produce damage to the human fetus, and that amount was found to be very low. Ultrasound hazards to the human fetus were confirmed without doubt.

The Chinese studies were unknown in the Western realm and little known even in the East. These represent 23 years of critical research, from 1988 to 2011. Unfortunately, these studies were overwhelmed by a tremendous flood of studies that promote medical and therapeutic innovations for ultrasound. Jon Rappoport, the Dangers of Ultrasound.