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Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug | PBS NewsHour

'Express Scripts’ Brian Henry reiterated to PBS NewsHour Weekend that the company does not engage in clawbacks and opposes the practice. '

'Examples of clawbacks by PBS NewsHour on ScribdThe three largest pharmacy benefit managers – Express Scripts, CVS Caremark, and OptumRx – all told PBS NewsHour Weekend they do not engage in clawbacks. '

'Pharmacy benefit managers usually take a cut of the rebate and then pass them on to the insurer. '

'Joyce said it is possible another set of behind-the-scenes negotiations between the pharmacy benefit managers and drug makers played a role. '

'But in a recent transaction, the pharmacy benefit manager told Jacobson to collect a $10.84 copay from the patient, and it took back $8.91. '

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