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I didn't read the entire article, but looking at the introduction and conclusion I have to say I am surprised Huffington Post has published this. They seem to be accurately identifying (and even naming) the problem of Big Pharma and the epidemic of fake diseases that are being dreamt up by voting psychologists and psychiratrists.

I would add that more than just adult ADHD should be quenched, but ADHD as a whole. Unless someone can demonstrably show that there is something physical within the brains of children causing them to have poor attention spans, stop trying to prescribe them medication to "cure" them. Children's brains are still developing (in fact human brains don't stop developing until around age 25) and so they must be trained. Children must be taught to think critically, they must be taught to be patient, they must be exposed to tasks that demand their attention for longer than a few seconds.

Children are being told they have an attention "disorder" and prescribed medication for it because they did not grow up having novels read to them and then reading novels themselves, but instead they played fast-paced plot-less video games, or worse, cell-phone games and apps and social media. Fast-faced, every-changing, nothing thought provoking in their childhoods at all.

That is the issue, not something physically wrong with their brains. Only proper parenting and schooling can top this, not medication.

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The effect of these "disorder" treatments is usually introducing chemical imbalances in the brain, or artificially releasing chemicals, and the effects of this are seldom positive long-term.


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The list of symptoms for ADHD read like a list of the attributes of normal male children. The problem isn't the kids. It's the expectation that they conform to a school system which seems designed to crush the life and masculinity out of them. The notion every child must be perfectly obedient, totally still unless given permission to move, silent unless told to speak- if they don't something is wrong. The drug industry is just taking advantage of that expectation and marketing products designed to supply it. Break that idea and nobody will want to drug their kids into submission!


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It would not surprise me if that was an ulterior motivation, or primary motivation, for their declaration that any of these ridiculous "mental illnesses" actually exist. But it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the intention is illegitimate and likely self-serving.


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Yeah, there really doesn't seem to be much evidence of it helping kids and is most likely more harmful than helpful. I tried Adderall once and I'm sure if I had more/access to more I could have easily gotten addicted so idk how getting kids addicted to drugs is a good thing


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It's a good thing for the people selling the drugs. That's about it.


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It's not so much that it's a real illness, it's that society puts expectations on people that cannot be realistically met without mind-altering drugs. Aderall is the new coffee.


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I love how people in this thread think they have it all figured out about ADHD. I was like you once before. Have a great night.


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https://archive.is/7XIwI | https://vgy.me/PYu0UJ.png :

Stopping the False Epidemic of Adult ADHD | HuffPost

'Bottom line: Most of what looks like adult ADHD is not adult ADHD. Distractibility is ubiquitous. '

'Remember that depression, anxiety, PTSD , dementia, and mild cognitive impairments can be misdiagnosed as ADHD. Adult ADHD is real and of great life importance, but quite rare and easily over-diagnosed. '

' It is past time to stop the adult ADHD fad before it gains even more traction. '

'The harmful consequences of the adult ADHD fad are considerable, both for the individual and society. '

'The company of course was the same one that sponsored the conference, and they were marketing their new ADHD drug. '

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The Huffington Post is corrupt and should be archived in the OP. It doesn't deserve our support. Please keep this in mind for future posts.

Also, please see: