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3 times faster (better)


I loved the Time Bokan Series, ZenderMan and Yattaman ... I miss the person who I watched those horribly.

As for Gundam. The first season was good and I definitely hated how the second started like the rest of Japan and by then I could even consider the 3 run. I watched these as reruns and wasn't influenced by friends or even knowledge of that hate until I started complaining to my friends who were like .... ???? You just crawled out from under a rock!!

Gatchaman is known in the U.S. as G-Force!

It's hard to explain but what sunrise pumped out during those years are pure iconic works of art even some of the shitter lesser known titles.

One thing that is totally not addressed is how Japanese and American differ on series. In the U.S. a production runs until it's milked completely while in Japan they normally go for 1 season. Obviously you have DragonBallZ, Naruto, Shoot, one Piece and others that live one but they are the black sheep of the industry.

Although, a younger generation has now come to the front in the industry, it's the late 70's and the early 80's taht are ground breaking and really set up the flowing generations.

Back to Char. Fuck Amuro and "Amuro ikimasu" he's a total cuck by today's standards. Char had purpose and he had the inspiration to do things nobody else thought of. But if your are a real Gundam fan you already knew this!

If you're not really familiar with the Harmony Gold rendition of Robotech (a hacked up version of Macross) -- it was the first to kill of a major character in the U.S. and brought about major changes here.

3 times faster !