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Political correctness overreaches far beyond what you describe. It controls the flow of information and literally ruins lives.


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And is more often than not accompanied by ridiculous hypocritical behavior. This dumb bitch for example

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Bogarting your comment here to mention @she is a moderator of /v/askvoat and people should watch for her bull shit.


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Political correctness started out as that, but has been encouraged to an extreme. One common struggle is when I, as a women, try to discuss points of feminism that I disagree with. If I explain that I think if two people are equally drunk and have sex, a guy shouldn't be tried as a rapist, unless there were actual rape happening. Why can one consent drunk and the other can't? By saying those things, I am hated, shamed, and silenced. Another example: I can't encourage my father in-law who is actually eating himself to death to not eat so much pasta as a diabetic, because that is addressing his obesity, which is politically incorrect. It's totally cool that he calls me skinny and to eat more though. The point is, political correctness has turned into a way to silence people and eliminate discussion, rather than a way to encourage respect that it started out as.


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Try explaining to your father in law that you're more concerned about his health instead of addressing the obesity itself. When you attack someone's belief, they will always go on the defensive. In order to help them effectively, always emphasize that you care about them, and that you want them to live happily and healthily.


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The only people who demand "political correctness" are those who think they are above criticism, hold radical views and lack the arguments to back them up. Not being a bigot is common courtesy, not political correctness. There's a difference.

Everyone who disagrees with you is not a bigot. That's an emotional argument you are using because you can't stand the fact that your opinions aren't the universal consensus. You and your fellow SJWs need to accept the fact that your ideology is radical and fringe, not to mention illogical, and that the majority of people do not agree with it.