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The CIA's role has been well known for a long time now if we are speaking of the coup that brought the Shah to power.

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which is really sad, if you ask me
its perhaps one of the worst things that have happened in recent times because it led to so much shit in the middle east
first of all, they got rid of a democracy in fucking iran (fuck me, right? muh cheap oil)
later eu/us proxy war'd the shit out of iran through iraq, supplying saddam even with illegal chemical weapons/warheads and a couple of anthrax samples
and now the country has just degenerated 100 years into the past
Political-RIP possibly the best ally the west could have had in the middle east
Lets bomb a random country to make up for the loss
edit: oh, and since i know voat dislikes immigrants, imagine the flood of immigrants back in 1980-88 (im a result of it)


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I'll bet most people couldn't tell you any details about the designated hitter rule, either, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been a well known rule for a long time among people who care about baseball. The US involvement in placing the Shah in power has been common knowledge for decades among people who can find Iran on a map.


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I guess so. Any credible history of the Middle East will mention it if the Iran section is long enough. I suspect not many Americans read such things nor do many read quality newspapers/magazines. The USA also has a, well deserved, reputation for being 'provincial'.


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They even spelled it out in the beginning of Argo. It's no secret.