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The words liberal and conservative mean nothing now. If you identify as liberal you use conservative to describe everything you hate, and vice versa.


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That's because the two political camps are at complete odds with one another.

Liberal and left leaning politics revolves around helping people who are less fortunate, and structuring tax so that the rich pay more. This would be things like subsidized tuition for poor kids, subsidized daycare, free bus passes, free healthcare, etc. Liberalism says not only that these things are preventable, but that the government have a responsibility to do something about them. It sees the value in providing government services that are useful for the average person living on a lower wage, rather than spending taxpayer money in ways that only benefit the rich.

Conservative and right leaning politics revolves around preserving the status quo, and taking the view that those who are less fortunate and in need of help are an unavoidable and natural consequence of a normal and free society. It says that you'll always have rich and poor people, and that furthermore any failure to become a rich person is your own fault and a result of laziness or lack of ability rather than injustices in society. This belief in pure meritocracy results in privatization of government services, tax breaks for corporations, and taxpayer money spent on investment in already successful companies. The general belief is that this will result in the creation of jobs.

A good analogy would be how a liberal and a conservative would react to a homeless person begging for change.

A liberal person would give spare change to the homeless person, saying something like "you need this more than I do".

A conservative person would ignore the homeless person, saying something like "should've studied in school/worked harder", and give their spare change as a tip at a restaurant instead.

The conservative person in this scenario would view the liberal person as "contributing to the homelessness problem". That is to say, by handing over your spare change you're encouraging homelessness. The liberal person would view the conservative person as "being the reason why the homeless man exists in the first place".