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Yeah, there is no fixing Reddit without a complete administration change over to revert the policies back to honoring freedom of speech. The mods have gotten like they are because the admins allow and encourage it.

Complete opposite of here. I'm going to assume you don't have a lot of background of Voat. Atko and PuttItOut, the two admins here, have repeatedly removed mods that have started acting like Reddit mods. For example, v/AskVoat & /v/science (story here) have no mods anymore because the previous mods acted like this was Reddit. And even more recent, a mod of /v/worldnews was removed for deleting posts he didn't agree with.


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Complete opposite of here

The fuck you commenting about? Some of the worst of Reddit also have accounts here, including the worst mods, and those mods likely have multiple accounts to get around Voat's 10 subsite limit. Fuck, one of the worst propagandists, HenryCorp, who started nearly 200 subreddits, uses Voat, and uses it the same way he uses Reddit. Nothing to stop him from propagandizing here, and stop him from controlling dissent with a ban feature.