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A well-written, thoughtful article. Someone please post this over at Reddit!! Of course, it'll be deleted and the user will be banned. ;) Redditors being herded like sheep:

"This tool lets you see Reddit comments that have been either deleted by the original poster, moderators, or edited by the user. You can do this with any post on Reddit by simply changing the URL to “”. Once you start applying this to popular posts on r/politics, r/worldnews, r/announcements and other major subs anyone with eyes and a brain can immediately see significant efforts to censor Reddit comments, many of which are censored for what appears to be seemingly no reason. I’ve spent the weekend unredditing a lot of posts, and many moderators seem to be removing posts simply because they personally disagree with them (a violation of reddiquette), and others clearly have an agenda to censor certain narratives from their subreddits. Keep in mind this isn’t even content submissions we’re talking about, this is just comments. If this is happening to comments on such a massive scale, one can only imagine what is happening to actual submissions."

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Well, all the comments highlighted in pink are deleted comments. The ones that are not highlighted seem to be the parent threads (that were not deleted) where all the comments below them were deleted. I guess the site creator wanted to include them so viewers would know the deleted comments were replies to a user's comment instead of the original thread (OP).