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I've never seen such blind self-defense of censorship.

"Freeze peach"

Fucks that use that phrase are human trash.

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[–] cynoclast 4 points 7 points (+11|-4) ago 

I tend to reserve useful idiots for people who vote against their own economic best interests. And vehemently defend their masters' choices against their fellow working class citizens.


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Don't you know that if you put quotes around a word, it invalidates the word? See, they said "censorship" with quotes. That means it isn't censorship! Come on, guys. Get with it!

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I love that as crazy as Voat is, when it comes to your comment defending free speech, you have 68 131 upvotes and 0 downvotes.

Fuck Reddit, fuck safe spaces, and fuck censorship. "Freeze peach," as if the importance of being able to share controversial opinions is some made-up concept? What a child.


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That, to me, is the true crux of the matter. Those mods literally don't see the value of free speech. Just protecting the feelings of those hurt by controversial opinions. Those coming to Voat are a different and sadly, dying breed. Especially among millenials like myself.


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However I've seen SRS shills popping up in the last week trolling the place. One slipped up and said "freeze peach", so it's guaranteed they're here. It probably explains why posts on /v/news that are critical of Islam now get 2-3 downvoats the moment they're posted.


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I have enough faith in people and humanity to assume that everyone automatically assumes that anyone who uses the term freeze peach is a government shill.