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I doubt it's legal to sell guns to minors.


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I don't know how they do it there, but usually guns can't be delivered straight to your door, they can only be delivered to a dealer in your state with a Federal Firearms License. The FFL won't sell a gun to a minor. Say I'm in New York and I buy a gun online from a guy in Arkansas. He has to ship it to an FFL in NY, who I pay about $25 to do the deal. I can't pick up the gun in Pennsylvania with a New York ID in order to get some sort of banned gun. (If you're trying to buy an AR-15 you don't need to go to a different state. Just buy a lower receiver legally in NY and assemble the gun yourself. The finished gun would be illegal if you use the "assault weapon" parts, but the components are not legally firearms and so are easy to get.) I've bought a gun before, but that's how it works as far as I know. Of course, that could all be irrelevant if the redditors just ignore the law and just ship the gun directly. I know you didn't ask for an explanation but I gave you one anyway.


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Yeah, I figured as much. Still though, reddit's just covering their arses here, why would a subreddit dedicated to selling guns not be 18+?