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[–] ExcraMernaise1488 3 points 12 points (+15|-3) ago 

They're not wrong in principle. Popularity doesn't matter as much as quality discussion. Looking at stuff like when ratheism got rid of easy front page memes, it's obvious the people want funny stupid pictures to post on facebook the majority of the time over actual articles they have to read, and over time just letting the votes decide can lead to a garbage sub.


[–] Danbear 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago 

But that is how you do it. You make rules and enforce them, you don't arbetrarily delete shit you don't like.

If its stated up front "we don't allow XYZ..." then its cool and fine. There are rules, this isn't 'Nam. But most of them don't do that, they allow it one moment and delete it the next sometimes for the same damned repost. I've even seen cases in the past where a mod will delete a post then repost it themselves on an Alt for the Karma. (was documented a few years back, no link sorry)

That's the issue I have.

If the sub is getting shitty then you need to change the rules or make a new sub. I've seen subs change their rules for better and worse, IMO the larger "master subs" should have less rules while the more specific niche subs should have more rules. Like r/atheism should have almost no posting limitations, while r/debatereligion should have much more strict posting rules (to match its niche and intention).