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[–] kiely ago 

I came here, then went back to Reddit thinking nothing would change. Over the past few months Reddit has just got so bad now. You have to be exactly in line with what is politically correct on Reddit at the time. Reddit is depressing me now so much that I've decided to leave and not even look at it anymore. I hope it dies a Fiery death like Digg for major changes.


[–] Vansen 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Exactly. Also, I didn't really think the moderation of the subs I frequented was done very well (mostly gaming subreddits). Here, for what I frequent, there's easy to access IRC chat, sensible rules, no clear signs of shite moderation, and everybody just saying what's on their mind without any fire being breathed down their necks. There's disagreements as always, but it's surprisingly respectful. Y'know. At least for the internet.