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Yes. Voat is unique.

Also, ha. Another one downed by SRS.


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I also gave the moderator a message too after he or she deleted my post.

"I got your message you proved me right after you deleted my post & in a few years your website will be cancerous like Tumblr & Reddit combined. Is there anyway to delete my account because Voat has more freedom of speech than this piece of shit website & I tried to give it a chance but every person I talked to was an SJW.

At least Voat's rules keep it simple for me & compared to there I at least had discussion even though people disagreed with me. https://voat.co/help/useragreement

Every other piece of social media is heading down this oversensitive path as well & there's no other place to express myself freely anymore. I admit that post was witchhunting but I don't give a shit anymore.

I'm not apart of the MRA movement but they get so much shit and that's ok in society but as soon as anybody like me for example criticizes feminism I'm condemned? Can you convince me to stay on this crap community because since there's no account deletion option I'm stuck here having to listen to all these delusional hugboxers & nobody here is my friend.

Every time I post here I get pissed off at how delusional you people are & I rather have the hard truth than listen to lies.

user Deepfreezing also tried to get GamerGate discussion and what did your CEO decide? To completely ban the topic because you and this entire community consider me everything the media has told you as terrorists & so on.

How am I an autistic person everything the media has told you? Your CEO Aris has shared anti-gamer propaganda without fact checking if it was correct & I had to inform others how wrong he was.

Why did I bother joining this community everyone doesn't understand me at all & I rather just kill myself then live in an Orwellian future of coddled minds."

Moderators response "I will not tolerate hate speech on either side of the aisle, yours is just the other side of the coin from the very thing you're protesting. Enjoy your reddit clone."

My response "Goodbye & I hope I never meet you or the others on this shit website in real life you make me sick.

I wouldn't be surprised if you cowards talk behind my back to & this website won't be missed

Voat may be a reddit clone but it's growing rapidly fast compared to your piece of shite community. http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/Voat.co


I'm about to send an e-mail immediately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCU9XjI2oaE"

Final response from moderator "You won't be missed kid. Good luck with your hate mongering."

EDIT: What pissed me off more is they allowed Chris Kluweless (Other users lied too) to lie & slander movements too https://empeopled.com/c/109960



The Empeopled CEO shares lies https://empeopled.com/p/27824


User cgsongbird lies https://empeopled.com/p/28877

user gameslayer lies https://empeopled.com/p/29669

user X lies https://empeopled.com/p/29925

This is Empeopled's rules https://empeopled.com/govern/rules


The rejected GamerGate topic https://empeopled.com/govern/topics/1224

A feminist (Not sure if it has radicals) community is allowed https://empeopled.com/t/fempeopled


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I stopped reading your post as soon as it used "here's a picture of the mod" as ammunition. Try again without the weird shame culture.


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Empeopled is cancer. It gamifies posting even more so than sites with identities, rewarding people with more points, aka a louder voice just for being popular, basically it encourages people to game the system into a self reinforcing hug box. And then it adds token amounts of bitcoin to the mix just to add a little more cancer to the mix.


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Yeah your correct it is cancer, is there any social media that isn't cancer at all besides Voat which is awesome?

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Alright thanks for the warning about Snapzu my only options are these websites. http://www.linkibl.com/



Source: https://voat.co/v/MeanwhileOnReddit/comments/95043

I was also thinking of making a new Facebook (Really hate the website lately for deleting Anti-ISIS posts & so on) & Instagram account but I don't know if that would be a good choice at all.


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Removed: Off topic.


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What does this have to do with reddit?


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Empeopled is one of the Reddit alternatives & I'm just warning everyone here not to use it if anyone is looking for anything new to try out. https://archive.is/dYSP5



I didn't know where else to post this & I was extremely frustrated with the website (Moderation & community too) so I had to rant here.

I hope this explains everything.


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Ahh, I see. That's technically off topic here since it isn't directly about reddit. /v/whatever is probably a better sub for this (unless there is some subverse explicitly about it).