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yea fuck em.

Guys, don't learn about Hitler. Don't make him a star.


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Mass genocide is not the same as a lone gunman. Lone gunmen intentionally try to kill as many people as possible in as fucked up a way as possible just to get massive media attention. The media is not 'an outsider looking in', that's why the shooters always leave stuff behind for the cops to find. Stupid little statements like that autistic kid a while back who made a bunch of vlogs about what he was going to do and why. So yea, fuck them, ignore them. They are killing people for attention and the media is giving them a platform to do it. They put scoreboards in the headlines like this is Call of Duty or some shit, need I say more?


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they're not the same thing, but my point is that its important to understand why someone does something and who they are rather than just being completely ignorant. History often repeats itself and there could be something about this guy's mentality/motivation that would be prudent to understand. If you're put off by the analogy, I'm sorry, but you're missing what I'm saying. Try this instead: don't learn about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; don't make them stars.

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Eh, I agree that the media gives these fucks way too much attention but I'm not so sure you can generalize the actions of all lone gunmen as simply attention seekers. That ignores a lot of real problems.

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good post...very good post....


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We want this people to be loyal, and you must learn to be loyal. We want this people to be obedient, and you must learn obedience. We want this people to be peace-loving, but also brave, and you must therefore both love peace and be brave. We do not want this people to become weak and soft, but rather hard, and you must learn in your earliest years to be hard. We want this people to love honor, and you should seek honor. We want this people become a proud people once more, and you should learn true pride.