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4) have repeatedly been marginalized and demonised in by prior groups.


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Looks like gamers developed an immunity to bullying tactics. Good for gamers, bad for the agenda pushers.


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Gamers have been shunned for liking video games and computers and anything early internet. We were cave-dwelling nerds. Then people found out how lucrative it can be and hopped on the bandwaggon, now suddenly vidyas are "cool" and being "nerdy" is hip. Nah, the actually nerdy people never gave a shit about the popularity contest, and can see right through every one of your shaming tactics. You shame what we love, and you cannot be forgiven. We will not give up, and if we can't win we will isolate ourselves and form our own communities like we have in the past. We're not afraid of a little social persecution, our whole life we have been loudly talked at without getting a chance to speak.