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This is extremely common among these sort of people. They're outcasts who can't find acceptance any where as teenagers. Instead of maturing and finding new ways to interact with people the end up on websites like Tumblr or Ghazi where they can let out their anger at people and feel good about themselves. They think they're making the world a better place by bullying others, which gives them a purpose in life and support of the other bullies.

It's the same way any cult works. You invite those with mental health problems and chronic loneliness in. Make them feel wanted and accepted and then cut them off from any support outside of their community. Then you have them dancing like a puppet because you're the carrot and the stick at once.


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I have GAD, chronic loneliness, and was a total outcast all my life, yet I never turned out like these idiots. I think you're generalizing too much.


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Not every person goes that route, but it is a common route.

I've been investigating and familiarizing myself with SRS very heavily in the past month and I promise you, they are all very pathetic people.