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I was too busy being taken in and manipulated by the propaganda at first to fully realize what was going on. I'm a slow learner, but this dawned on me some time last year. I'm glad more people are waking up to it. Fuck this mind control bullshit.


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Have you read any of Milo Yiannopoulos' Articles? He's not unbiased by any means but he's stated back on 15 Sep 2014

"The war in the gaming industry isn’t about right versus left, or tolerance versus bigotry: it’s between those who leverage video games to fight proxy wars about other things, introducing unwanted and unwarranted tension and misery, and those who simply want to enjoy themselves"

He seems to get the current war is "authoritarian vs anti-authoritarian". "Right vs Left" people are going to get trodden on.

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You think this may be due to the efforts of the 1% to get everyone in what remains of the middle class to self immolate?


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Same old shit for all of human history. Revolution - as in someone else taking the place of the elite for a while.


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totalitarian. authoritarians want to control your actions. totalitarians don't just want to control what you do, they want to control what you think.


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Instead of creating video games with a 'social justice' message and letting the market decide if they want to buy that kind of games or not those parasites decided to try to influence the gaming industry by taking over the magazines and the websites.

And you don't need a conspiracy for this to happen you just need a bunch of useless moralist hipsters who all have the same set of leftist ideas and who all know each other because they're in the same social circles. It's a clique of nepotic privileged preachy assholes waving a 'Social Justice' flag.