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Some background info, apperenlty 3 AAA game developers have come out in support of gamergate in the last day or so which is what caused ghazi to get all mad.


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I'm glad they came out and I'm glad this is getting attention, it's easy for these people to pick on small time pro GG people when we're just everyday ladies and gents, but when they target big companies, people are going to take notice.

It's unfortunate that people have to suffer for it, but it's going to bring the hammer down on this bullshit practice sooner rather than later.


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Hi, please excuse my ignorance as I'm pretty clueless on this whole GamerGate thing. I would consider myself a "gamer", but have largely stayed away from the drama people refer to as "GamerGate". I read the wikipedia page, but still find myself...confused as to what exactly it means if you "support gamergate". Why is it called "gamergate" (playing on the "gate" suffix as if it were some kind of scandal). From what I gather, some random female game developer published a game that people thought didn't deserve good when it got good reviews, people assumed she slept with someone to get a good review? I understanding that? so some people took it too far and started publishing personal info about her and threatening her online? This is where I'm confused as to why it's referred to as "GamerGate", or why anyone would support doxxing/theatening someone? I must be missing something, and I'm just genuinely curious. If someone could fill me in or ELI5 on both sides of the issue...


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I hope the devs convince their companies to blacklist reddit. No AMAs no anything.