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Its pretty bad when a KGB agent turned supreme leader is less of an ideological totalitarian than one's own elected officials. This guy might want absolute power, but at least he's not a feminazi that wants absolute power.

Seriously, how did we fall this far.

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To be fair he wants "absolute power" not just for fun or kicks but rather to rule good by his country. Unlike US and most western countries, Russia still holds a lot of national pride, traditional values and respects it's history and ancestors.

But hey, US can't do that, I mean they literally are all immigrants!

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Come on. Let's be fair. Putin is much more of an ideological totalitarian (he's had people killed in cold blood, and has probably killed some directly) but he's honest about it. He's not pretending to uphold some egalitarian ideal while being a piece of shit bigot behind the scenes. He hates certain groups? He says so. He has political enemies? He says so. He consider certain speech unacceptable and wants to ban it? He tells you exactly why, without couching it in some unverifiable, unfalsifiable, meaningless Newspeak bullshit. The honesty is what's refreshing about him, and the sliminess and corruption of reddit admins is what grates on my nerves the most.

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lost it, thank you.

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This may be even worse.

Reddit = Russia

Voat = Ukraine

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"Ukraine is game to you!?"

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Putin: SJWs? There are no SJWs on Reddit; we have only retired SJWs on vacation.

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Handsome man.

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One of the few leaders who can say no to the american empire. You gotta admire him for that. Haters gonna hate.

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Exactly why I don't blame Snowden for going to Russia. It was the only rational choice left to him.

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"Give me back my pen."

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People told me to give back their pens before and i'd be "Oh! Haha, i didn't even notice, here you go :)" With Putin I'd be like "Please have the pen, i meant no harm. Just dont make me disappear :("

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Oh man, that was brilliant!

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I imagine the correct response really should have been "Hey guys look how shit Russia is.", like how people respond to Chinese and North Korean internet censorship. Not "Okay Putin, you win, we'll take down the page. Please give us your monies."

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Are you saying they removed the post about mushrooms because of the russan ban? Did they unban?

Yup. After looking at the subverse for two seconds the story is one article down from this and it is a disgrace

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Cultural marxists take orders from the Kremlin? Is this news?

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In Soviet Russia, Reddit reads you! O wait that's regular Reddit... Guess I was russian to conclusions

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On voat, you can always find something about Reddit. In Soviet Russia, Reddit can always find you!

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I would expect nothing else from a subverse called MeanwhileOnReddit.

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