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The more people talk shit about Voat, the more they raise awareness of Voat. Visitors can decide for themselves whether to join Voat given that it's a wild west saloon where anyone can say anything as long as the law of the land allows it. At least that's what I hope Voat is and will remain.


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Well, the quarantine influxed a lot of neo-nazi OC here. voat being a small community already, doubling in size with a reddit quarantine can be harmful. But the reality is that they still keep to themselves and are pretty low key with voat users and aggregate reddit more: thus they became a bigger problem for reddit after the fact.

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We aren't least I am not.


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True that! I remember I went to 4chan back in the day just because people were talking about how horrible it was. Negative reviews almost makes a website seem more appealing. I take the view of if it offends you I might still check it out because some things that offend some people, I find hilarious.