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Please don't apologize for what you might think of as "rambling on." I for one would much rather see a long, thought out post that I disagree with (I don't disagree with you in this case though) than a short sentence filled with trollish acronyms, insults about ones mother, complaints that one should "go back to reddit" or general character insults. Long posts such as yours just add value to the community. Please keep on postin.


[–] theghostofme 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

That's very kind of you. I had one of those moments as I got to the last paragraph where I thought, "Well, I should probably just take it down a notch and not get too carried away" haha. But I do agree that Voat is much more open to these kind of opinions than I have grown used to in the last several years on Reddit. It's a nice change of pace.