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You moderate 396 subreddits, and yet that's apparently not enough to occupy your time. Why did you come to Voat? Why don't you stay on Reddit rather than trying to accumulate even more attention?

Edit: For the record, I downvoated you because you appear to be exactly the sort of mod that shouldn't exist on Voat, even as a user. You're organizing some kind of mod-driven takeover of a subreddit, whereas only the people should be able to determine the content. You're also an avid poster to SRD, and you appear to thrive on drama and trolling. Your CCP is also at -21.

Fullpage screenshot for when @agentlame deletes his comments: (Warning, large!)


[–] agentlame 58 points -54 points (+4|-58) ago 

"Come to vote"? Dude, check my account age. Better yet, check my trophies. I've donated to Voat and reported bugs.


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Your account age? You signed up when you first heard about Voat, made one comment, and then waited 10 months before posting again. 7/2/14 to 5/30/15

You also moderate 396 subreddits. You're the type of person that immediately signs up for anything, including a Voat account, on the off chance that it might increase the amount of attention you receive or power you wield. You probably also have accounts on Hubski and all the other Reddit alternatives, on the off chance that they'll help you in some way.

You're not interested in being an actual mod, as evidenced by the way you stick subreddits on your userpage as if they're merit badges, and the way you participate in SRD. You just horde accounts and subreddits, and if drama happens in one you'll be in a good position to stir up some shit, as you're one of the mods.

Go back to Reddit and stay with the sinking ship you helped scuttle. We don't need rats swimming to our lifeboat.

As for your donation, in your own words:

Sent you a few bucks. It's hard to shitpost when the site runs like ass.


I sent a few bucks. It's hard to shitpost when the site is always down.


I agree. What can Atko do to make Voat a more sustainable platform for child porn? This should continue to be his only goal.

TL;DR: Basically what I'm saying is go back to Reddit, then go fuck yourself. The only way you'll be welcome here is if you manage to hide your identity and change your behavior.


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Will you shut the fuck up for once?