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No no, they're developing "technology," it's all good. The technology will protect them.


[–] indelible-sarcasm ago 

The "technology" is being used, but it's clumsy and specifically pointed at certain communities. They're playing around with filters that (sliently) prevent posters to certain subreddits from creating new subreddits. They're trying to fend off the copycat fatpeoplehate subs that cropped up after they whacked it.

They're also quarantining subs, which will probably bite them in the ass in the long run. When one of the troublesome subs makes the news, they'll get hammered:

Reporter: "You knew this sub existed, you knew it was a problem, but you didn't close it."
Reddit: "Um... Popcorn tastes good?"

They don't like the negative publicity they get when all of the dirt flies around. Reddit is impossible to steer at this point, whatever they do is like putting a trolling motor on an iceberg.


[–] booya666 ago 

Based on the Coontown experience, the plan is to just delete subs once they attract too much negative publicity. In fact, that may have always been the policy.