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From the Hot page of punchablefaces, I was looking at a Tess thread full of shitlord comments right as it started getting wonky. I have some screenshots of the moderation team changing right before my eyes....(notice how there were first only 3 mods....then an ArchangelGab showed up...then 12 entirely new mods were there...or something like that).

Edit: Of the first 3 mods in the first screenshot, all 3 were new accounts with 0 activity...4 hours previously, one of the new mods posted a "this sub is dead" thread


[–] yenn 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago  (edited ago)

and a fresh mod says all the mod now are from SRDbroken
and it looks like all it takes to be a mod is simply ask "mod me." to one of the posters.
EDIT: alright here seems to be a clear explanation of what's going on.