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So a hostile takeover by known vote brigaders has happened and I am sure the admins will not do a single fucking thing about it.


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No no, they're developing "technology," it's all good. The technology will protect them.


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The "technology" is being used, but it's clumsy and specifically pointed at certain communities. They're playing around with filters that (sliently) prevent posters to certain subreddits from creating new subreddits. They're trying to fend off the copycat fatpeoplehate subs that cropped up after they whacked it.

They're also quarantining subs, which will probably bite them in the ass in the long run. When one of the troublesome subs makes the news, they'll get hammered:

Reporter: "You knew this sub existed, you knew it was a problem, but you didn't close it."
Reddit: "Um... Popcorn tastes good?"

They don't like the negative publicity they get when all of the dirt flies around. Reddit is impossible to steer at this point, whatever they do is like putting a trolling motor on an iceberg.


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They'd have greased the wheels for it to happen.


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I can't wait to see spez not answer questions about this!


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And of course there is fuck-all about this on the front page.


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What the fuck is going on at Reddit? How do you just take over an active sub?


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They lick all the right places on all the right people. It is no surprise they were given the sub because they are favored by the ones at the top. They will have to make a very big misstep in order to be gotten rid of, but I doubt even that will stop them at this point.


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This shit goes against all common sense.

Hopefully someone there simply gets fed up and decides to spill the beans.


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I read somewhere that their top mod got shadowbanned during all the bannings/quarantines, but I don't know if it's true, so maybe they took it over via that.


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Yeah, they (shadow)ban the top mod and basically appoint a successor, who then immediately cleans house of anybody who won't kowtow to them and adds more goons to the mod team. Has happened before, but only with much smaller subs.



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Fucking Archangelle and agent lame are the only names i need to see to be ever so fucking glad I left that fucking sjw infested shithole


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Check out a few comments above, agentlame is here on voat


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He doesn't have power here though. We gotta make sure it stays that way.


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Could you point out agentlame for me? I couldn't find him.

Edit: Here is a comment by him: https://voat.co/v/MeanwhileOnReddit/comments/397911/1706677 same name as on reddit.


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This tells you all you need to know about the relationship between reddit admins and SRS. Thinking that the admins will discipline SRS or hold them responsible for any of their actions is a fantasy. Give it some time and they'll be trying to pull the same shit here.


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Give it some time and they'll be trying to pull the same shit here.

True, but seeing as they're the exact reason why Voat was created in the first place, and the policies written the way they were, I highly doubt they'll be able to get as much traction as they did on Reddit.

The reason they were able to take control of Reddit the way they have is through using the same karma-whoring techniques as the power users of Digg combined with clever manipulation and intimidation tactics. By the time most average Redditors saw what was going on, these pieces of shit had snaked their way into every corner of the site, using their connections and IRC chat rooms as a means to maintain a consistent choke-hold over every sub they controlled while simultaneously pumping propaganda into every web page both on and off Reddit they could, all aimed to denounce any claims that SRS was anything other than a parody subreddit, and that anyone who thought otherwise was a racist, homophobic hatemonger. The specific problem with these lies is that there is a grain of truth in them; there's no denying the racist, homophobic hatemongering that did (and still does) occur both on Reddit and now on Voat, but where the truth ends is that none of this is close to the epidemic proportions that SRS and their ilk want everyone to believe.

The true epidemic is this SRS-like cancer that has now completely overtaken Reddit and so many other websites where everything is black and white, and if you're not with them, you're against them. There's very little room, anymore, for rational discussions about racism, homophobia, and all these other topics because both the SJWs and the anti-SJWs have exerted so much time and energy trying to discredit the other side that they're literally shitting all over the internet, and as a result, most people who just don't give a fuck one way or the other are left with very few places to enjoy the internet anymore.

While I very much like Voat, and stand behind the decision to never censor anything unless its illegal, it does get tiring to keep seeing this shit pop up over and over again. I mean, don't get me wrong, I totally get why it's so upsetting, as I'm just as annoyed with this latest takeover as the rest of you, but all I really want to do is just go back to what Reddit was (and what Voat can be) only five years ago, before people started taking it all too seriously.

Sorry, now I'm rambling on. I guess my point is that I wouldn't worry too much about these nutjobs getting such a tight grip on Voat like they did Reddit; the Voat team has had years worth of experience watching how these people infiltrate and take over everything they cast their ire at, and have set up enough checks and balances to ensure that the site, for the time being, is an even playing field. SRS is welcome to try, but I doubt they'll get very far.


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Please don't apologize for what you might think of as "rambling on." I for one would much rather see a long, thought out post that I disagree with (I don't disagree with you in this case though) than a short sentence filled with trollish acronyms, insults about ones mother, complaints that one should "go back to reddit" or general character insults. Long posts such as yours just add value to the community. Please keep on postin.


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I found that highly informative and appealing to read. I hope you write more. I'm totally with you dude/dudette.


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I trust that they are treated as equals here though, in other words ..when they start their shit, they get banned within the same rules as anyone else would. If that's the way it is ..please SRS nazis, step on in.


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SRS is basically their personal hit squad to do their dirty work for them so they can look clean.


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Exactly. SRS is just the admins throwaway accounts


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Technically speaking SRS didn't do anything against the rules. The top mod of /r/punchablefaces just let them have it on purpose.


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From the Hot page of punchablefaces, I was looking at a Tess thread full of shitlord comments right as it started getting wonky. I have some screenshots of the moderation team changing right before my eyes....(notice how there were first only 3 mods....then an ArchangelGab showed up...then 12 entirely new mods were there...or something like that).




Edit: Of the first 3 mods in the first screenshot, all 3 were new accounts with 0 activity...4 hours previously, one of the new mods posted a "this sub is dead" thread


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and a fresh mod says all the mod now are from SRDbroken
and it looks like all it takes to be a mod is simply ask "mod me." to one of the posters.
EDIT: alright here seems to be a clear explanation of what's going on.


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I was sticking with Reddit and making forays into Voat for the last few weeks after the darkening but the most recent events on Reddit were the proverbial straw. Abandon ship.

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I got banned by one that subs 200 subs. They commented "+1 for following the rules" then banned me... How two faced can these people get.


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Poly-mods are likely backdoored by the admins or otherwise. They're also likely to be teams of people operating via the same account. Who has time to moderate 100 subreddits? It'd be more than a full time job.

Wouldn't be surprised if the mods of the defaults as well as some of the larger non-defaults were that way.


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Heil /u/Warden!


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I am just a man, a man with a vision.

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