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haha i saw that..... congrats you got a reddit upvoat from me from my throwaway there. I heard people on reddit value those more than they do here so i guess its a big deal.

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Saw that. Hilarious. Wonder what Christian families do when their child becomes atheist due to the state controlling everything about their education.

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LOL before I read this, yours is the only comment I liked on reddit

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Upvoted on both sites because fuck yes!

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This really sounds like a far-left family that lost their daughter to a tradcon. Which would be baed af.

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Tradition is the new counter culture.

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Yes, you are correct, this post reeks of karma whoring.

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Good grief - what a cesspool that place is. The next thread down was "My parents spanked me and gave me issues; now the family makes fun of me because I don't spank my kids."

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Shitlib retard is mad his daughter isn't a shitlib retard, more at 11

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its passed 11, you still got more for us?

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Yeah, shitlib retard then deletes post.

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Shitlib retard wants to screw up daughters life. Inquires whether reporting him to the authorities for abuse, showing text saying marrige would help her greencard, will fuck her over and force her to separate from him and come back.

Thanks for watching.

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If this story is real, I am 100% confident that girl hates her parents. Its more than obvious that the parent writing the post is a control freak, keeping their daughter in the cult of atheism. Science is the new cult.

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Yep, this Mother probably got super upset when her daughter left the house without her prescribed coof mask.

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"Hey mom, I've been looking into Christianity and I think it might be for me. I really value the beliefs and community values. Can I go to church some time to see if I like it?"

"No daughter of mine will be joining any crazy, manipulative, controlling cult! You will believe what your father and I tell you is right! Don't be stupid!"

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It's a dude

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Science is not the enemy of religion. Some people with no moral code will simply find it preferable to be Atheists and be able to justify their immoral behavior that way (very often they are not very scientifically based and will just grab whatever study that suits their agenda. Notice how most of the people pushing global warming are Atheists but not scientists. Scientists realize that it is a political issue not a scientific one)

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Examine the underlying assumptions of almost any "science" and you will find that the scientific method is not being employed there. Scientists absolutely hate to be told that logic precedes science, that science is a derivative of philosophy. They say asinine things like "theory in science doesn't mean the same thing as theory in English."

The only real science is engineering. That which can produce an tangible, repeatable result, to be experienced and verified by anyone. Everything else is unproven.

As much as people hate to admit it, there is no experiment that you personally can conduct to that proves the Earth is a globe. Every experiment people think proves it rest on underlying assumptions that are not scientifically provable, or believing a government agency that has lied before is telling the truth. And I'm not claiming it's flat either, or 6000 years old. It's just a fact, even Einstein admitted as much. The shape of the earth is a theory. Science is more of a cult than almost anyone can imagine.

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I dont think science is bad at all, or an enemy. Im just saying it's the new cult.

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Atheists and be able to justify their immoral behavior that way

Where the fuck you come up with this shit. YOU DONT need Jewish sand religion to be moral. Go suck a chosen person cock.

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They want the law to force their adult daughter to continue being owned by them. He's manipulative ?

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Yeah, I liked all the evidence he didn't provide for the fiance being manipulative. Claiming he won't "allow" her to go back to Canada, but that sounds like something the parents made up to me. They probably told her to come back and she said she can't, meaning she is unwilling.

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conveniently only found in the edit. Not the original text.

Verdict: reddit didn't side with them so they had to pad it with lies to try and feel justified. She left them for a reason - they're the manipulative ones.

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I'm willing to bet the only things he doesn't "allow" are for her to be a degenerate whore.

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And then the asshole talks about using the immigration system to being her back to them. I guess he's all about borders when it's affecting him.

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Aw man, I went through his comment history to see what kind of guy he is, it's pure soy:

  • Anti trump, believes the Russian collusion story

  • Loves Trudope

  • Smokes weed, got mad when his doctor said he couldn't (breathing problems)

  • Got mad when Ajit Pai cancelled Obama's "net neutrality" powergrab.

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So a typical Canadian.

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I'd like to say yes, but I can't help but feel like my view of "typical" canadians is restricted to urbanites from Montreal and Toronto.

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I'm actually really proud of his daughter.

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What exactly happened with that net neutrality thing

[–] Broc_Lia ago 

They realised Trump wasn't going to cave, so they killed the campaign, then everyone else forgot about it.

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In just a short time, she has broken our hearts deeply. She was an incredible person. We used to be so close. This is so crazy what she has done. We can't make sense of it. I am incredibly scared for her. None of this is right.

"My child wants to be a good devoted Christian wife and mother to her children. This is an outrage! Why would she want that? This is not the kind of person that we raised her to be!"

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In five years she'll take him for all he owns.

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She's young. If she's in rural Texas and he's old enough to understand he needs to train her, then I'm sure they'll do fine.

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Looks like she made the right choice.

Hope she makes an excellent wife and sires many children

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"Sire" is what males do, FYI.

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As long as he isn't a nigger I agree

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My wife

Holy shit, I thought the author was the girl's mother writing the essay the way this pussy carried on. Stopped reading after that. The faggot cries too much for his opinion to mean anything to me.

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