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I second this.


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replying to here because the parent was deleted:

[deleted by a moderator at 8/6/2015 4:30:21 AM]

So, how do we look at mod logs? Is voat already going down the drain?


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You are assuming Reddit is going to be consistent in their policies. In reality, they are simply going to ban things they personally think crosses the line.


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Frankly, reddit is going to do whatever its advertisers tell it to.

Our job is to convince reddit's advertisers that the sub is not something they want to be associated with.


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Let's go after [subreddit]

There may be a place for this, but it isn't this sub. I know you know better.


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It's a subreddit that violates both reddit's own policies and most advertisers' advertising policies.

I proposed informing the advertisers politely of this fact.

It's just as legitimate as the content in the OP.

In fact, it's essentially the same content, just from a different angle.

Why was my comment deleted?


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It's clearly a hate subreddit, just by name.

Not necessarily. Just because the movement that purports to be for men's rights has called itself the men's rights movement doesn't mean everything they do is exclusively good and for men.

Otherwise feminism would also be infallible.


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It's not /r/AgainstTheMensRightsMovementThatPurportsToBeForMensRightsButActuallyIsntInOurHumbleOpinion, it's /r/AgainstMensRights.

They're against men's rights by name. They're a hate movement.

Shut it down.