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[–] HowAboutShutUp 3 points 32 points (+35|-3) ago 

This is not as cut and dried as this image would have people believe, based on the contents of the thread where the ban happened. All you people getting banned for fuckery need to stop coming over here and making rage bait threads about it.


[–] pepepepepe 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Those not involved in GamerGate may be missing some context here. tl;dr: /gamergatehq/ is moderated much tighter than /ggrevolt/ (they broke off because of this, hence "revolt") and instead of enjoying a space free from overmoderation and accomplishing the same goals they choose to whine and bitch and cause drama that derails their common effort.

Considering it's someone from /ggrevolt/ (see the user's flair) linking to the board owner of /gamergatehq/ (Acid Man, Twitter handle @Foxceras), I can imagine the ban was warranted. They like to stir up shit about the other board and apparently use KiA as a theater of war between 8chan boards. I wouldn't say either board is "compromised" as a result.


[–] MaleGoddess [S] 7 points 0 points (+7|-7) ago 

The user was just refuting baseless claims of other users. They accused him of violating Rule 1, which no where says that you can't post a twitter handle, and then they simply banned him.

The mods were abusing the rules to ban someone who had an unpopular opinion. It's pretty cut and dry.

As far as r/subredditcancer, I hardly ever post there, so maybe I didn't abide by their rules exactly, but that's not reason to remove my post. One of the mods there was a former mod of KiA btw, so he's going to defend KiA. The purpose of SRC is to point out mods abusing the rules to silence others.


[–] HowAboutShutUp 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Yeah no, the user wasn't "just refuting baseless claims." Also, if you make a new account and go on a rage tirade in a thread, that's a pretty good sign you deserved the ban in the first place.