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This subreddit has been banned for violating the reddit rules to keep everyone safe

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Reddit could make a great reality show about how certain "harmful" community are exterminated while others are allowed to live.


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1 "Serve the public trust"

2 "Protect the innocent"

3 "Uphold the law"

4 (Classified)


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4 "Increase our stock price"

I think that covers it.


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Keep Everyone Safe: You agree to not intentionally jeopardize the health and safety of others or yourself.

The irony in that is being fat is a danger to your health


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Yesterday I was suffering from a lot of anxiety, but suddenly felt calm about the same time that sub was closed. Whew! Thanks Steve!


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I don't know why any of the FPH folks are still on reddit at all. I haven't been back in weeks.


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We've got quite a subverse going on here. "Keep everyone safe" my ass. Making fun of fat people hurts nobody, being fat hurts everyone.


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Especially fat people's knees. Extra weight is hard on the joints.


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Is it the biggest sub on the site? Whenever I go to /v/all most of what I see is from FPH.

I mean it's great as far as it goes, but I seem to have managed to get myself banned from there for saying that we shouldn't hate on someone who was still fat, but had lost eighty pounds. So that's a thing.


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Same. I just can't bring myself to give them the views.

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They probably just want to have at least one subreddit that doesn't fit their narrative so they can hold it up as a defense saying, "look guiyse. we still support free speech guiyse. see guiyse?".


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Holy shit, talesoffathate never acted in brigading or harassment.

Neither did FPH...


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Please note: Coontown still exists! WTF?!?!


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Well, obviously it's okay to hate a nigger. As long as you don't emphasize he/she is a FAT nigger. It's all good.


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Yeah fat niggers have like 95 privilege points you just can't fuck with them


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Because there aren't any black people working at reddit. Fat people however...


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pssssh, black people don't have the internet, let alone the money to provide ad revenue...



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It's only around because it doesn't have hate in the name, it seems like that's all that's needed.


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Hnng. I may not agree with the views of these subreddits being banned, but I believe everyone on Reddit should be able to have free speech for whatever they believe in, in the appropriate subs. This is one reason I left Reddit, because they are trying to erase what they said, all because of money and censorship... Tsk, tsk.


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We all knew it was coming; just another brick laid on their road to irrelevance.



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Irreverence is great, everybody loves irreverence. I think the word you're looking for is "irrelevance."


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You're correct.

I need to stop putting my faith in auto correct, it just keeps hurting me.


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Probably because companies like Costco have been paying for so much native advertising. I assume they've been paying for it because a decent percentage of top /r/food links have been about shitty Costco food.

Even coming from a guy whose 25.3 BMI excludes him from FPH: treating fatties like me as a protected class means Reddit is fucked. And I couldn't care less.

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Absolutely. Earlier this year I had a doctor ask me why I didn't exercise. I had no answer, was caught speechless. Why don't I exercise? I'm too busy but that's not really true. Exercise takes so little time.

I've never had to learn self discipline. Crossing my fingers they'll come out with a pill for that ;-)


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Dear Reddit admins, you are either sad insecure twats or lying hypocrites, take you pick.

How can you justify banning r/TalesofFatHate citing 'safety' and keep a straight face?

From the reddit rules:

From the TalesofFatHate rules in the sidebar (emphasis mine and I have no doubt that the rules were enforced):

  1. Fat people cannot post. We don't care if you're on your way to a healthier path. Good for you, but we really don't care.
  2. No identifying information. You can post pictures of your obeast, but make sure that it can't be identified. Give it a paper bag over its fat head or something.
  3. No reposts. Original content only.
  4. No whiteknighting or dissent. This is a place to tell stories or vent of the hatred we share against the adipose enlarged humanoids. You will be banned if you violate this rule. You have your safe places, let us have ours.
  5. Keep the peace. No racism or sexism. We are here to hate and make fun of people's inability to be human sized, not to hate on things like gender, sexual preference, or race. If that's what you're in here for there are other subs that can fulfill that need. This is not the place for that.
  6. No linking to other parts of reddit. There are a few approved subs, and those are fine. Linking to non-approved subs will result with your post deleted.
  7. No fake posts. If it sounds like something that belongs on /r/thatHappened it will be removed. As mentioned in Rule 2, pictures are allowed as long as the face is hidden. We highly recommend adding the visual to add to the hatred of your original story.

Instead of pussyfooting around, just man up and say you no longer want this kind of content on Reddit. You will still be morons, but at least you will no longer be sad insecure twats or lying hypocrites as well.

A rant I wrote on Subredditcancer:

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